Let me welcome you all to RDSO Ex Officials Group in Chennai and Outside Chennai in India and abroad!

At the outset, let me recap the events leading to creation of this website. At the instance and initiative of the twosome, S/Shri P. Srinivasan and C.V. Rammoorthy of Chennai, we, numbering about 40 families in Chennai, had a get-to-gether at the Gray Shott Hall in RA Puram, Chennai on Sunday, the 17th February, 2008 at 14-00 hrs. At this gathering, after deliberations-elaborate, it was decided to have similar Get-to-gethers at intervals of three months or as convenient, with families contributing liberally towards organizing such gatherings.

A core group of four members, viz. S/Shri P. Srinivasan, S. Sethuraman, C.R. Gopalakrishnan and K. Ramachandran, was nominated unanimously and handed over the responsibility of taking such steps as would be needed to fulfil the mandate of the gathering.

Some members who have gathered at this Get-to-gether have given their contributions (verify details at link given).

As suggested by me, members approved of creation of this website to facilitate keeping them abreast of the working of the Group. Members accessing this site, may explore the site thoroughly to get the full information available on the site and suggest/advise additions and corrections. Members may give feed back to the Core Group Member, K.Ramachandran.

The List of Members giving Names, Addresses, Telephone/mobile numbers, email addresses, etc. may not be complete and correct in all respects and members are requested to advise suitable corrections as needed.

On a discussion held through teleconference, the core group has nominated Shri C.V. Rammoorthy as another member of Core Group so as to maintain continuity and facilitate smooth working.

Member, Core Group: