Who can join the RDSO Retired Group?
Only serving/retired Indian Railwaymen and their children/relatives should register. Since registration without approval enabled anyone to register and post ads and other objectionable material on the forum, we have now changed the settings so that only registered members can access the forum and that approval is required before anyone can be registered member. Please give your full correct name to enable the Administrator to identify you.

How to join?
Go to forum link on the top Nav Bar of this page and click and register.

Membership Fee?
None. It is free.
Information given by you on your registering with the forum will be included in the Member List.

How to interact on the forum?
After you are registered, you can log into the forum with your username and password and post replies to the on-going discussions and/or start new topics as you like.


You have to register first to get access to the Forum. After you fill in the registration details, you will wait for approval. Once you are approved, you will be able to access the forum for purposes of reading the posts and replying thereto.