1. 7th CPC Recommendations.

Shri T.R. Surendranath, our friend, has sent two Directivesof Govt. Department concerning implementation of the Recommendations of the 7th CPC and Members have desired that these two letters be put on our RDSO Forum. I am accordingly putting these following two directives on this Forum:

i) Procedural actions for revision of Pension -- Office Memo. No.F.No.4/23/ 2017-P&PW(D) dated 25/07/2017 from Dept. of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare, Min. of Personnel Public grievances and Pension, Govt. of India. (Read the letter HERE!)

ii) Joint Procedure Order dated 21/07/2017 re. revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners. (Read the letter HERE!)

2. General Information on Get-Togethers arranged by us.

The first Get-Together of RDSO families was arranged by Mr. K.Santhanam at the Arihant Apartments at his own expenses on his 70th Birthday.  The next one was arranged on 17th FEB 2008 at GRAYSHOTT, R.A.Puram, wherein about 40 to 50 families participated.   Some members from outside Tamil Nadu also participated and enjoyed the company of old friends.  Again it was arranged on 18th MAY 2008 and the attendance was very thin.   Overall, everybody appreciated and found enjoyment in meeting our old friends and refresh our evergreen memories of unforgettable living and standing together in all ups and downs of each and every family during our life at Delhi, Chittaranjan, Simla and Lucknow.   During the get-together on 17.2.08 many friends contributed Rs.4350/- and as on that date a sum of Rs.2,480/- was available.   Our friend Mr. K.Ramachandran has created a web site as RDSO RETIRED GROUP (http://www.rdsoretired.info) for the benefit of RDSO families where, after logging into the FORUM one can see many details, addresses of our friends, 6th CPC details, views of our friends, etc. etc.  All our colleagues are requested to register themselves in the Forum so that one can know the whereabouts of our colleagues. 

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  • Contact names & Ph. Nos.

    1. Sri S.Sethuraman
    (044) 4306 6447

    2. Sri K.Ramachandran
    (044) 4350 1919

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    3. Sri P.Srinivasan
    (044) 2471 8436

    9 DEC 2008


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